torsdag 26. mai 2011

Guestheart Thursday !

I have been rather lazy whit my blogg lately , to much other stuff going on .
And  so I was not thinking to  join Guestheart Thursday this week. But the heart seem to have a quest on it's own .
As I opend  a fresh can of cat food for my very old and very very spoild  cat  Theodor , I saw there was a heart in it , and so the poor  guy had to wait for his food untill I had  taken a photo . I can tell you I was not very popular ..... LOL.

But in the end he got his food , and so I'm back to being his favorit  person again <3
Be sure to visit Clytie for more random hearts 

5 kommentarer:

Clytie sa...

I LOVE it!!! You see? When you start looking for hearts ... pretty soon they start finding YOU!!! This cat food heart is wonderful! lucky Theodor! When my cat Mika is hungry she jumps up and very gently bites my arm, then meows really loudly.

Lyneen sa...

I would had a spoon it the can dishing it out before I saw the heart... great eye.

Thanks for sharing. Happy PPF!

Trisha sa...

I love these kind of heart finds! So much love in that can :D

Dani sa...

very sweet heart find.

~Cheryl sa...

Theodor has a very patient heart! Love this post.