torsdag 30. juni 2011

A heart that migth get you killed !

Found this heart in the middle of  the road . Of cause it  was in the most curved bend  and a narrow road , and it's very busy  at summer time .
An so  whit my life at stake , I did manage to take a shot of it whit my mobile phone . And luckily no car hit me! :D  But  some bikers looked very strangely at me and probably thought I was totally crazy LOL  . Well I am  :D

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mandag 27. juni 2011


Another sign from my guides , and I was almost chocked . ..... It was so strange even for me .
I never seen anything like it . While me and little brother was  playing in the river , and it's in the middle of no where so it's not crowded ;) Actually we rarly see anybody down there , just some baby fish  in the small ponds and maybe  a deer or a bird .

I found this card stuck in the  sand . Just regretting pulling it out before I took a photo of it :(
4 of dimonds means financial securety  like the 4 of coins  in tarrot , and so it was a answer to one of my questions :D
Still amazed to find this card ....

Zoom inn Mandagstema !

Dagens Mandagstema hos Petunia er Zoom inn , og det passet jo flott :D 

Er ikke mange dager siden jeg var en tur i skogen og  fikk zooooooooooomet litt på blant annet denne flotte orkideen .
Det er masse flott i naturen bare en har tid til å se etter :D
Denne her satt så fint i ro enda jeg kom forbi med mine to firbeinte , og den satt der fint til den var ferdig fotografert også ;)  Er den ikke fløyet så stiire den vel der enda !
Ønsker dere alle en flott uke .
Stikk gjerne innom Petunia for flere zoom inn bilder .

lørdag 25. juni 2011

Be careful what you ask for ;)

This morning while  I was walking whit my two fured once and Littlebrother I asked my guides and helpers to give me a ansver to a question ......
Two minutes later I saw a huge heart  in the sky , and then I started to see hearts everywhere . Yes my guides and helpers know I'm need a  firm ansver _D Thanks a lot , I think I got it this time ;)
Look carfully at the photos  an you might discover more hearts than you  did first looking at them .

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Wishing you all a great weekend :D