fredag 16. september 2011

It Matters To Me !

So you decided to choose the dark road again . The light path became to scary, to unknown . We thought this time He'll make it ,everything looked so bright . You fell a few times , but as strong as you are you got back up on your feet . Kept walking and hoping for a different life. We was hoping whit you , cheering you on on your way away from the darkness . Only you know how hard your life have been how many times you have fallen , how many times you got back up again . We can only try to imagine . Our eyes are filled whit tears , not only because you had a hard life , but also cos you don't seem to manage to find the light and hold on to it .
It's hard to trust when you are used to be let down . It's difficult to ask for help , when you are used to be turned away , and the only one you trust is your self .
It's difficult to trust you as well , even I tried I hoped , I wished , kept my fingers crossed , tried to listen, tried to hear your words you didn't say , but your eyes told .
I have have tried to give you wings to fly , and roots to keep you grounded . But in the end it's all up to you .
You have to grab the lightness whit bout hands and never ever let go even if you fall . I can walk the road whit you , but not for you . You need to be responsible for your own life now . We can just hope you will choose the light path , and be strong enough to not go back to the dark road , even it feels familiar , and safe . We all know it's not a good way , but we realize familiar feels safe , and the new is scary and unknown .
No matter what Son I'll always love you no matter what , I just don't always appreciate your actions ,or your choices and I hoped you could get a better life this time .
But then we always have to morrow !
I'll never , ever give up on you as long as you live .
Love you always and for ever Mum

4 kommentarer:

Mandy Lou sa...

Det synes jeg var fine ord. Man kan jo ikke miste håpet. Klem!

Mors Hjertekurv sa...

Takk Mandy L :D Nei en må alldri gi opp å håpe ! Stor klem til deg også og riktig god helg til deg og Diamantene

HeklePinne sa...

Så utrolig flott skrevet <3 Jeg kjenner at det treffer utrolig godt selv om det ikke er skrevet om meg. Blir rørt å kjenner at tårene ikke er langt unna.

Glad i deg, klem <3

Mors Hjertekurv sa...

Takk snuppa <3 Bare sunt å slippe ut litt tårer inni mellom ellers kan det lett bli flom ;) Glad i deg å Bamseklem <3