torsdag 30. juni 2011

A heart that migth get you killed !

Found this heart in the middle of  the road . Of cause it  was in the most curved bend  and a narrow road , and it's very busy  at summer time .
An so  whit my life at stake , I did manage to take a shot of it whit my mobile phone . And luckily no car hit me! :D  But  some bikers looked very strangely at me and probably thought I was totally crazy LOL  . Well I am  :D

Do visit Clytie to see more random hearts !

6 kommentarer:

Clytie sa...

I'm giggling right now - not because of the danger you were in, but because I have done the same thing to capture a heart photo! I'm so glad you caught the heart, and that you made it back to the side of the road without mishap!

And isn't it funny how people look at you weirdly when you're taking a picture of something on the ground - like a piece of garbage or heart-shaped bubble gum! :=}

Debbie sa...

i will do ANYTHING for a photo!!!

we are all cut from the same cloth....pun intended!!!

thanks for the visit & kind comment!!!

Dani sa...

haha. What a cool heart.

I have done crazy things for a heart. haha.
Thank you.
Have a lovely weekend.

MarieElizabeth sa...

The things you do for art!

Leckeres für Mensch und Katze sa...

:) lol

Lyneen sa...

Please be careful taking your life into the hands of others in search of hearts. I am glad you were not hurt. What a great heart story!!! TFS