torsdag 23. juni 2011

Around the corner !

Life here on earth  is kind of strange ... You follow a life path , and then all of a sudden it decide to take a sharp bend  right out of the blue .You might expect a change to hapen , but mostly you  are responibel for your own life and if you are not happy about it , you must change your way of doing things .
Some times our life path  have many bends  and diffrent directions we can choose   to follow . Some times its hard to see what is in front of us , and we might even don't know wher our path will lead us in the end .
Sometimes it feel like there is one bend after another and the fog is keeping us from seeing the true  way to follow , but  we should always  try to  keep as close to the heart feelt  path and chase our dreams .  We are all on this planet to learn , and to contribute to  a higher understandig .
And  as we do listen more to our hearts we can se the sun on our life path as the fog clears away  ! We will not always see the end , but we can choose to live happy on our way there :D
Posting this at Petunias Himmelsk , so pleace  vistit Petunia

10 kommentarer:

Mandy Lou sa...

Disse bildene er så fine! Den første veien ser ut som den går rett inn i fjellsiden, mens den andre virker uendelig. :)

Trisha sa...

So agree with you :) No matter what comes along, its how we handle it that make the difference.

Maria G sa...

Vackra och fina himmelska bilder!
Glad midsommar!

Sivinden sa...

Flotte bilder. Tåke og klarvær - fint på hver sin måte. Kloke ord.

Anonym sa...

Kjempefine bilder!:) Jeg ønsker deg en kjempefin fredag, og en riktig god og fin helg!:)

Inge sa...

Fine billeder.
God weekend
Kh Inge

Laila -Karin sa...

Flotte bilder.
Ønsker deg en fin helg

Med kjæleik til livet sa...

kor fine bilder ;)
go helg klemma fra monika

Mona sa...

Vackra bilder och tänkvärda ord.

Anonym sa...

Nydelige bilder og ord!
Ha en flott helg. :O)