fredag 24. juni 2011

Guestheart Thursday !

Since we celebrated middsummer eve last night I decided to post my hearts today :D
I found such a cute and cleansing heart  the other day and I would like to share it whit all of you :D  Water is essential for clensing away  bad feelings , and you can always  refresh your self whit water .  So my heart will be clansed throug the  wather :D

 Little brother gave me this heart , he really think I need a new one .....

 And another , and it's pink <3

Can you see the  heart  ?  Last nights middsummer bonfire :D

Wishing you all lovley weekend ! Remeber to listen to your heart <3
Do visit Clytie for more random hearts !

3 kommentarer:

LauraX sa...

wonderful heart discoveries!

Clytie sa...

I love the thought of the water cleansing the world, and creating such beautiful hearts. And the fiery heart is awesome - what a beautiful contrast - fire and water!

Dani sa...

such a beautiful heart post.