torsdag 16. juni 2011

Guestheart Thursday !

Little Brother have been  more eager than me to look for hearts  lately , and he keeps  asking me to take photos of his hearts ! He very much wants to share tham with you !  He's such a sharing little guy <3 The stone heart he found by the river his favorite place :D

Brocolli is good for your heart :D

 Mum , you are cheating, making a heart ;)

But I found this heart stone as well .
Be sure to visit Clytie for more random hearts .

2 kommentarer:

Clytie sa...

Please tell "little brother" that his rock heart and broccoli heart brought tears of joy to my eyes. What perfect hearts he has found!

And it's not cheating to create a heart. There can never be too many of them in the world! Hearts etched into the sand are a special favorite of mine, as are heart shaped stones ...

Thank you --- and thank YOU little brother!

Dani sa...

This is so sweet. Im glad you shared his hearts.
I so love this post.