søndag 19. juni 2011

Just some heart thoughts !

Some people come into your life for a reason and touches your heart ! Some times  someone leave foot prints all over your heart and then leave , but you still carry them in your heart for the rest of your life .

You never know who will stay and who will leave some just tuches your hear like a swift wind . But be sure there is a reason for it all . You may not understand it at the  moment, but  it will all make sence in the  end .

Some times your heart mak you take difficult decitions and you are the one leaving others behind .  Life is not suposed to be easy , but full of lessons for us to learn , to grow and develop into better human beings .

Children do have a great way to express feelings and their heart is always open and pure , and we should all learn from them .  Also to play and have more fun , it's good for your heart . Then life will just be no fun and all work . It don't make a happy heart .

If everyone listend more to their heart , and conected more to their feelings , life would be so much more fun :D
So remeber to play a little ,  have fun and enjoy the simple things in life

Walk at the beach and get dirty feets, feels great :D More photos of feets can be found at

Be whit the people you love , and do tell them you love them as you never know when it's time to leave .
Connect whit your desirs and heart felt wishes and life will feel so much better .

Smell the flowers today , enjoy all the small moments that make life so beautiful .

Belive in tomorrow !

And do follow your heart  wher ever it takes you , the heart always know what's best for you.  Always share your love !

9 kommentarer:

Irene sa...

Nydelig innlegg med flotte bilder! Når jeg så føttene tenkte jeg dette var myntet på MANDAGSTEMA hos Petunia, men kan ikke se at det er linket dit. Ha en toppers dag ... her skinner sola og håper alle andre får like fint vær!


Inge sa...

Fine billeder, og skønt med bare fødder i sand og vand. :-)

Anonym sa...

Kjempefine bilder!:) Ønsker deg en kjempefin mandag, og ei kjempefin uke!:)

Anne-Berit sa...

Herlig innlegg med mange flotte sommerbilder:)

Min fotoverden sa...

Nydelig nydelig nydeliiiiiig. Å...hjertet ble varmt og tårene tittet fram. Takk for en vakker tekst og mange vakre bilder. Får jeg lov å låne denne teksten??

Mors Hjertekurv sa...

Takk for fine kommentarer :D Min fotoverden , du kan Låne teksten om du sier hvor du fant den . Klem

-ma- sa...

Nydelig! Tenk at både tekst og bilder du publiserte i går, var midt i blinken for Petunias mandagstema i dag. Utrolig! Ha en fin uke :)

Millemilla sa...

fine bilder. Likte best fotsporene og skyggebildet:-)

Ha ei fin uke!

Sees på fredag når det er himmelsk:-)

Maria G sa...

Underbart inlägg med fina bilder och härlig text!
Ha en bra dag!