tirsdag 29. mars 2011

I'm wonder woman !

Today I'm really a wonder woman !
I wonder why I even bothered to get out of bed .
I wonder why I'm always tired when I should get up , and why I'm not tired when it's time to go to bed ?
I wonder why I always seem to go right, when I should have turned left .
I wonder why  there still don't seem to be spring ?
I wonder if this guy is as feed up whit snow as I am ??
I wonder  why I sometimes is all hearts and no brain ? and that makes me wonder why I'm sometimes all brains and no heart ???? 
I wonder why the snow is so cold but still so soft ?
Makes me wonder why am I who I am and what the heck I'm doing right here , when I really wants to be there ?
I wonder why  I see things no one else sees , I wonder why I find all this hearts , then no one else seems to see them . I wonder if you can see them too ?  I wonder if you might be wonder woman too ?

I wonder why my kids turned out like they did ?  I wonder am I a good enough mum for them ? I wonder if I love them  enough , or maybe I love them to much ?

I wonder why I turned out to be me and not you ?
I wonder if i did this or that would things have been different , or maybe not ?
I really wonder why I'm this wonder woman , I wonder how I turned out this wonderful , being able to wonder over a lot of wonderful stuff ?
And so I keep wondering   why ?

Wishing you all a WONDERFUL day  , and stay wonderful !

And if you wonder why I botterd to post this you probably are a wonder woman /man too ;)

2 kommentarer:

Trisha sa...

I'm a huge wonder woman!! Great post!

Mors Hjertekurv sa...

Thanks Trisha <3 we are all wonderful <3 Hugs