torsdag 11. august 2011

Guestheart Thursday !

Found this amazing heart while we was in the woods  looking for blueberries !

Not totally perfect , but then  who's perfect ;)
Oh I know one guy He's so perfect <3
Little brother , and can you see the ground is coverd whit heart leafs ?

We found a few bluberries too ! Enough for desert :)

Little brother loves berries !
The dogs hoped for treats ..........................See how sad they look ;)  Begging eyes
No don't think it was the apple  they was craving LOL !
Little brother was kind enough to share his cookies <3  He's really clever to share whit his friends. Linking to Clytie  be sure to stop by her place to see more amazing randome hearts !

3 kommentarer:

Tina sa...

Your first heart is great. The last one I have just eaten half hour ago :). And the puppy is sooo sweet! LG Tina

Clytie sa...

You're right - Little Brother is perfect(ly) cute! I love the leafy heart too ... and those berries look so yummy! We don't have wild ones here, but we have a couple of tame ones by the driveway. As soon as they got ripe, the birds came and ate them ALL!!! Sigh.

JayLeigh sa...

Little Brother is adorable! What pretty hearts you found! ♥ The dogs really are cute giving you those sad puppy-dog eyes. :D I love blueberries; how wonderful to be able to find them in the woods. Pink Lady apples are one of my favorites. :-)