torsdag 31. mars 2011

Guest Heart Thursday ! Mountain hearts from Mum !

I guess you  all believed I didn't find any hearts since Little brother found so many ????
Think it never can happen , LOL I seem to be blessed whit hearts all over :D

I'm sure you can see this heart ,or the huge heart , as it's actually several hearts . I really think this huge heart  was so amazing I hardly could stop looking at it !

Do you see all the hearts in the  side of the mountain ?

Or the two large hearts almost at the top where there is no snow?

 Well  in case you think I have a very vivid  imagination , I decided to post this paper tissue heart  i found at my kitchen floor , it sure is a heart :D

And this little one I found walking my two hairy monsters , a little pile of mud on the snow shaped a cut heart !

Please visit Clytie  for more random hearts !

5 kommentarer:

Clytie sa...

What wonderful hearts you found this week - I have to say that first photo with all of the mountain hearts is absolutely breathtaking! I see so many beautiful hearts - I can see why you had to stop and take the picture! Thank you so much for sharing such beauty!

Mors Hjertekurv sa...

Thanks Clytie <3 It's always a pleasure to share some hearts :D The first one is also my favorite. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for GHT just love it <3

LauraX sa...

Beautiful hearts!!!

Dani sa...

I love snow hearts. I really enjoy your heart post.

Thank you.

Trisha sa...

So many great hearts! Love the mountain ones the most :)