søndag 27. mars 2011

My brain and my heart was having a fight!

Lately my brain and my heart have had a huge fight , or really it have been a bloody war ......... Cosing me a lot of tears and a lousy temper . So today I decided  to take a walk and try to talk to my spirit guide as she always has  a good answer for everything , or she make me see things I wouldn't see usually .
So I asked her to give me some direction in  what to do .

 She told me to do as I speak , listen to my heart and do as it tells me. I sure find it hard some times . But  I know she is right , though  I had to argue whit her .
 But she kept telling and showing me there is hearts all over  , and  if everyone do follow their heart the world would be such a better place to stay .

She kept showing me hearts   , even I walked the same way yesterday I was not able to see this hearts even I'm rather good  whit finding random hearts .

She said a hug and a kiss is what is needed , so stop using your brain ................

It's your heart that will lead you to   V for Victory

In case I didn't get the message  she told it again , open your heart , and it will lead you to  Victory

Don't be afraid  . but curios like thees deers  .

Don't run away or hide , be as strong as you can . Fight for those you love , even if it's somethimes is hard .

 So stand behind your loved ones and give them the suport you know they need , and you will see  them shine <3

You'll be supriced they actually will bloom

So wipe away the tears  listen to your heart   and

Put on your smiling face  . Trust your heart ! You know your heart always is right .....

Hold your head up  and you  and you can see your choise is the right one , even the sky showed me some hearts :D  You know the sky is the limit if you put your heart in it .

Then she told me to keep  on walking the same road  as I was on untill my brain kept interfering ... silly  brain
As it might lead me to the top .  And she assuerd me the sun will shine on my road

Of cause some times the wind will  come and blow you out of track  , but you need to be reminded life is not only sunshine . Though I sometimes think I had my share of rainy days ...........
 Maybe cos I didn't always follow my hearts directions .

Just before reaching my home she showed me this last huge heart , only the photo is lousy . Just like my English LOL. But my conversation whit my spirit guide is always in English so it didn't feel right to translate them .  And now I know my first choice actually was the right one , it really makes me wonder why  I even doubted it ????  Well I blame it all on my brain ;) It some times try to talk common sence to me , but mostly my heart  speak louder ................

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