fredag 8. juli 2011

Sweet heart !

This weeks heart will be one I found walking in the streets of Molde whit my Mum , who thik I'm heart crazy LOL

A little pice of chocolat paper someone threw into the street after eating it's content :(  But it meade a sweet heart

I just had to add this adorable pin that  I bought  to use fore some knitted outfit . It's just so cute , and I was so happy to find it :D
 Be sure to visit  Clytie For more adorable heart photos
Wishing everyone a  great weekend .
Sorry that I don't seem to be able to coment  to all of you , somthing seem to be wrong so I can't tell you I have visited .

3 kommentarer:

Karen sa...

Great finds, and I really like the pin.

Clytie sa...

I love to find chocolate wrappers that have become heart-shaped on the ground. There's something so sweet about them!!!

That pin is gorgeous as well!!! It looks hand made too, which makes it even more wonderful.

Anette sa...

Skal se om jeg finner meg en slik en til capen min :-) Lekker :-)