fredag 15. juli 2011

Live life like a dandelion !

Life should be lived like the dandelion . Can you see how proud it stands in the fields , thinking he's so beatiful . Even most humans look upon him as a weed . He don't care what we think about him at all . He just keep on shining , like a little sun .

He's quite aware that he is a perfect creation on mother earth . He's learnd the most importaint lesson , self love , and then you know you can shine no matter what others tell you !
If he get cut dovn , he'll rise again and get even stronger . He's so earthbound that if we digg him up , ther will most likely be some part of his roots left , and so he'll rise again .  No thing seem to stop this flower on it's quest  to spread his word , be strong , in the most difficult conditions  and even through concret he's able to live .
He tells us to be strong and rise again even if we have hard times , life is to beautiful to be ignored .  And loving  always start whit loving your self first , how can you expect others to love you if you can't love your self ???
Once we have learned that  we can  truly say we have bloomed , and is ready to spread our seeds of love  . Just like the dandelion  spread his seeds by the wind !

So you never know where  yor seeds will fall , but be sure it will multiply  and  spread your words of s  love arond the world !

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Mandy Lou sa...

Kjempefine bilder! Løvetanna er jo så gul og fin. Og staselig er den etter blomstring også til fjærene faller av. :)