torsdag 28. juli 2011

Hearts again , guest heart Thursday over at Clyties !

I never seem to be able to choos  just one heart so here I go again , having a small series of summer hearts ......

 Can you see the hearts from the  enchanted forest  of Trolls ?????

Little brothers favorite , was attatched to  his new flip flop shoes, probably to keep them  from gettting harmed during shipping  .................... Mum take a photo . Remind  me to give that kid his own camera ;)
BBQ hearts

And finally a very cute pink stone heart !

Be sure to visit Clytie to see more nice heart photos  from around the globe , you will be amazed  .
Remember to  share  love from your heart , it's the only thing that keeps  growing the more we share of it .

4 kommentarer:

Clytie sa...

I want to walk in YOUR forest! What wonderful and beautiful hearts!!! (I promise not to disturb the elves, fairies and trolls!) :=}

But I am utterly mesmerized by the fiery hearts I see in your BBQ shot. I enlarged it, and was instantly entranced! Not only is the shot gorgeous in it's own right, but you caught the most amazing patterns! My favorite heart is at the tip of a shard of flame, cradled by the fire itself. Ohmigosh, I feel poetic!!!

Thank you for these STUNNING hearts!

Dani sa...

I agree with Clytie. Stunning hearts.
Thank you.

Halcyon sa...

Very nice hearts! I agree with you... we need to share the heart to get more love. :)

Tina sa...

Nice hearts all over :)